Best GBA game?


May 20, 2006
hey im tying to find a really good GBA game to play on holiday, preferebly not pokemon, and something that will do system link- but it doesnt have to ;) thx
I have very few GBA games but I find that Final Fantasy Tactics is a great game. The is tons of hours of gameplay. I know someone well into the 200 hour range.
Maybe even a mario kart or Mega Man Zero game could work. They're really fun too.
If you're into puzzle games, you should try Chu Chu Rocket, I spent literally hours playing this, and never finished solving all the puzzles.
Advanced Wars is a really fun game for the GBA it is a ton of fun and you really have to think while you are playing it.
Diffine what type of game you want
golden sun and golden sun: the lost age
advance wars and advance wars 2
final fantasy tactics advance
metroid fusion

um... not sure wat else. but those are some great games :D