best option in terms of using rechargeable batteries


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Feb 6, 2009
Hi, I was wandering what’s the best option in terms of using rechargeable batteries for the wiimote:

A normal Battery Charger like the one that can be found in [ame][/ame]
Or a Remote Charging Stand like the one that can be found in

Eneloops Costco has a huge starter pack that comes with a charger. They last a long time and you can always get addon packs of more AA's so you have backups ready or use them in you cameras etc.
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I decided for the normal Battery Charger for the folowing reasons:

-Its the simplest of the 2 solutions.
-There are no Remote Charging Stands licensed by Nintendo.
-The product evaluation in is, at the most, mixed for any of the Remote Charging Stands.

I asked the nintendo support team about the best of the 2 solutions, and their answer pointed to a normal Battery Charger. Here is what they told me.

"I would suggest the first choice over the second, as we only suggest the use of NIMH batteries. In addition, I can tell you from personal experience that these work well as I have them for my Wii Remote.
As for the Remote Charging Stand, it not licensed by Nintendo of America Inc., so Nintendo doesn't support, endorse or recommend using this product.
It may interest you to know that unlicensed products may not work at all with our game systems, and they may have compatibility problems with certain games or accessories. You can recognize licensed products by the Official Nintendo Seal on their packaging. This seal ensures quality and compatibility."

Even though the answer is predictable, valid points are made, and at least for now ill choose the normal Battery Charger

I have tried many different chargers....and in the end I am back to AA's
I just have had no luck