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Nov 14, 2006
Hi all,

First post, so just wanted to say hi. So.....hi!

Right here's the thing. Obviously, we all the best possible picture out of our Wii's. This would of course be 480p. However, my equipment is annoying, so I could do with some help on what is optimal in my setup.

I have:

TV - LG 32" WE32Q101P (don't bother looking it up, there's no useful info on the net). Basically, it has 2x Euro Scarts (1 capable of RGB signal), S-video, Composite, and DVI (640x480). However, one of the AV channels lists itself as "Component" which is confusing, as I don't have the red, green and blue jacks.

DVD - Samsung SV-DVD640 - 2 Scarts (I "think" both RGB, but could be wrong), Composite, S-Video, Digital Audio Out

Basically, I want both DVD-player and Wii to be optimal (480p or closest to), but with only 1 RGB accepting Scart on the TV, that's gonna be hard. What do you guys suggest? S-video, RGB, Component with a RGB Scart adaptor, DVI?

If you don't have the read green and blue jacks I don't see why the TV has a component channel, that's a little confusing. Perhaps the component jacks are under some kind of flap or plastic piece you haven't pooped off?
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Nope, I don't believe so. One person said it might've been the TV company just left the channel in there from another model of the same line. Damn TV company!

Anyway, what do you suggest?

getting a new TV... I'm also in the process of finding a new tele, cause while I do have the component capable TV I'd like to see if a widescreen is worth getting or waiting for prices to drop more
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I'm not in the process of finding a new TV. I can't afford a new TV.

Hey guys - on the same topic, I've seen two different sets of component cables for the Wii - one is about $25 or $30 (React) and the other is $60 (Griffin). Is there that big of a difference between the two? Will I even notice it?

I've never had anything but composite cables for all my systems, and this time I want to maximize my gaming experience, so I'm ready to get an HD monitor - I'm just at a loss on the cables - I have a pretty tight budget...