Best Wii workout game: Gold's Gym Cardio Workout


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Jul 7, 2007
Haven't seen this excellent fitness game discussed here, so I thought I'd describe it for those who want a great workout program. It's only $30and a bargain IMO for the benefits you'll get.

GGCW is a cardio boxing game. It has tons of options for workout types, from sugggested workouts to"a la carte" exercise selections to"exams" that test accuracy of punches/footwork.

GGCW has a nice 2-wiimote control option for more accuracy than the wiimote/nunchuk combo. And there's no wires to get in the way!

The exercises are built on 3 types of punches (jab/cross, hook, and uppercut) as well as a few dodging motions. Everything is timed with a nice rhythm and selectable music (synth versions of a fw songs plus some originals?)

The workouts are great--the presentation is very engaging and before you know it, the sweat is pouring off and muscles are getting fatigued. There are many more levels of exercises (advanced combos, etc.) that I haven't tried yet, but the variety and intensity are great. One of the nice features is that every exercise set switches between regular and southpaw stances for a balanced workout on both sides.

I've tried a few exercise games on the Wii: Wii Fit, Victorious Boxers, Don King Boxing (best boxing game on the Wii yet, btw), and Outdoor Challenge. GGCW is the best intense workout so far, and is challenging enough to keep you at it for a long time. Like other games, it tracks your progress and workouts, and offers bonuses for various achievements. But the best part is the pure engagement of a hard cardio workout.
Gold's Gym is just OK imho. Outdoor Challenge is much better. I was disappointed that Gold's Gym was mostly just the boxing. The other games are pretty lame.
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ForGold's Gym, you can use a wiimote/nunchuk or 2 wiimotes (preferred, one in each hand). There are some exercises that use the optional Balance Board.

I have Outdoor Challenge and like it a lot. But for me, I really wanted a good boxing/fitness workout, and GG is a good one that emphasizes upper body work but still really builds the midsection and legs (with dodges and stepping).

Outdoor Challenge is also a good sweaty workout. I just prefer more upper body than the amount of running in place, stepping, and hopping in OC.
Exercise games

Since this post was first made, my favorite boxing game is now Punch-Out. It's not as technical as Gold's Gym Cardio, but my workouts are a ton better just because I'm there for hours on end trying to beat up those annoying characters! :)

I like using a variety of games from this list of Wii workouts. For upper body, I use Gold's Gym and EA Sports Active. For lower body, I use the mat games: Dance Dance Revolution and Active Life Outdoor Challenge. For overall fitness I use EA Sports Active, and to chart my weight and the occasional aerobics I use Wii Fit (I don't do yoga).