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Feb 9, 2011
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Hi im Graeme aka Link1992 and im new to the site so just saying hi.
The games i have for the Wii are
>New Super Mario Bros Wii
>Super Smash Bros Brawl
>Super Paper Mario
>Zelda Twilight Princess
>The Conduit
>Mario Galaxy
>Mario Galaxy 2

if you wanna play against me just give me your add code by message on this thanks
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ahhh id say either the master sword or the unboxed 1st ever zelda game big fan zelda u c
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hell yeah man.. i was looking on a site saying it'l be out by april 1st lol and my brithday is april the 2nd so happy lol
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nice one mate um Mario, starfox, sonic, dead rising, bioshock, call of duty, guitar hero, rock band lol games like that wbu
Zelda is my sorta thing too. Still gotta get the Wii titles tho'. Such a drag getting a new console not knowing exactly what games are out at the time. lol
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sadly no but i have it for ps3 but i no longer have a ps3 im thinkin about sellin my ps3 games :/