Breaking News: Nintendo Will Not be at the TGS:


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Jul 21, 2006
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Breaking News: Nintendo Will Not be at the Tokyo Game Show:

"Nintendo not being at TGS really isn’t something new. Nintendo hardly ever has a booth at TGS, choosing E3 as their big show. The reason this story is interesting is because the last couple of years, Nintendo has had keynote speeches at TGS…but this year they are not. The keynote speaker at this TGS are Sony Computer Entertainment´s Ken Kutaragi, and Yoichi Wada from Square-Enix.

This makes us wonder just where and when Nintendo plans to announce the price point and launch date of the Wii. It would only make sense to have this announcement during a big media event. We also know Nintendo is making this announcement in September, leading many to believe that TGS was the perfect answer. Now we are left scratching our heads trying to pick a time and place. The Leipzig Games Convention is in August, so that is out.

Our very good friend Falafelkid (his blog here) has taken these clues as a confirmation that Nintendo will be holding another SpaceWorld. SpaceWorld is an event that Nintendo has put together in the past as their own platform. It’s all Nintendo, from the handling to the companies at the event. Many people have been hoping Nintendo would hold another SpaceWorld, seeing that we haven’t seen once since the launch of the Cube."


This is stunning really! We actually might get big news on the Wii in August possibly! Or maybe another Space World, after 4 years! If there will be a space world held this year, then I must say, get ready for one awesome show by Nintendo! Well this is certainly something, what are your thoughts on this?
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I think is great, if they were on the TGS, PS3 will copy all the new ideas, in fact the atention will not only be on the wii, it will be on the PS3 too... but if they do the spaceworld, everything will be wii, and thats an adventage they have... anyway i think they did the correct, to dont make a show of 3 consoles and better do of 1. 3:1 is the best answer :)

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