cant connect to internet on wii all of a sudden

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Sep 13, 2009
Wii Online Code
i was planing on playing cod waw on my wii and it sayed error ,53100, cant onnect to internet and this hasnt happened in like forever, so i went on my wii and tried the connection test and it said it couldnt connect to the internet, this is like the first or second time ever this has happened becuase im always able to get on wifi, and y is it all of sudden doing this cause this has never happened except like 1 time before i think and is anyone else having this problem?
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the error code is actually 51330
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i think this happened one time before and the next day it worked again so i hope it works tomorrow
hey i have the same problem, out of nowhere i can't connect anymore.
and the isn't really that good cause it takes them forever.
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my connection came back ther day after i made this thread