CbK ~ Wii MW3 & Black Ops Clan


Hey, I'm Carlos, I will be 16 this march 25. I consider myself a good player. I can snipe. I'm lvl 67 10th prestige. Im really interested in joining a clan. I've tried contacting other ppl but they never get back at me. Could u give it ally code to add u, then we can arrange a try-outI play mw3 every single day
ey ummm could i join?...im pretty sick with smg's nad im an assault kind of player here's my ally code 4287-6755-2246 and my ingame name is .: D u 0:. im in mw3

Is this clan still active? If so, then i wanna join MW3 :D. I dont know my AC outa my head ;P. Level 80, not prestiging anymore. My prestige acc was accidently deleted :( 4th prestige something... Now im just tryin to have good games and mess around a lill bit ;). 1.05 KDR (because most of the time i was messing around ;D)
Hello, I am inviting your clan to join my new call of dutyclan league. There you will be able to make clan wars, recruit, chat, and jointournaments. Go to clanrankings-ncdca.webs.com to register your clan and/or anyother members of your clan. Good luck.