connection with hotel problems plz help


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Nov 7, 2007
were moving around a lot and my wii was able to connect to the wireless internet they have at most hotels but at the last 3 ive stayed at it wont connect. the test always fails and i get the 52230 error code, ive looked it up at the help nintendo thing and nothing works. i thought it might be because of the hotel having a pass but this one doesn't have one...

someone plz help thx

btw when we settle down in a place can someone tell me wat ill need to get online...thx

i have to go for a sec plz reply thx
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it's entirely possible that the hotel has a firewall which prevent logging into the Nintendo website (many do have firewalls which limit access ot what they consider 'appropriate' websites and by intention the limit access to what are considered 'bandwasters' such as streaming music etc.)

Once you're settled you'll need a high speed internet access, and some type of router or the Nintendo WiFi dongle. You can check out the router messages to help you find the right solution for you.

Good luck.

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try using your room number as a password.

EDIT: also some hotels have you log in to a set page before getting online. you probably wont be able to get wii online if this is the case, but if you have an apple mac laptop i can show you how to get on to the hotels internet through that, and then broadcast that signal to the room and then you can get on that from your wii. pm me if you want to know how to do this.

PS usually to get into the network with a username and password both are the room number