Countdown to E3

pretty sure i read there's gonna be a working demo for te Wii on show at E3 along with the new Madden tite :drool:

The only catch is, its happening behind closed doors :(
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$250, that's what, £130 or so? That's filthily cheap. But I didn't think they released an official price yet, I thought the $250 was just speculation.
Just read on that the Sony VP has said to expect the Wii console to be under $200! Thats knocking about the £100 range.. surely this cant be right?

Im thinking this will be for the very basic package, and possibly without the fancy wireless wii remote..

"Bet on the Wii will selling for less than $200, says Scott Steinberg, vice president of marketing for Sega (other-otc: SEGNF.PK - news - people ), one of the major game publishers for Nintendo consoles. Prices for both the Microsoft and Sony machines are higher due to their heavy-duty processing power, and the PS3 will also feature Sony’s next generation Blu-Ray DVD drive."
Yea the PS3 price will be way jacked up due to the blu-ray player. Nonetheless i dont consider it overpriced taking into account the higher spec hardware and ofcourse the blu-ray.
yeah $500 for a blu-ray player a few months after the format launches is pretty sweet, plus it plays the incredible looking games (can't help but drool over some of the ut2007 images) though the wii will probably come to my home first this time because of the major price gap
Im so confused...Like right now I have a Gamecube and a v2.70 PSP...And basically I want a Nintendo Wii, Playstation3, and a Xbox360 but the problem is IM NOT RICH...So basically I have to choose? Choose the most powerful next gen console with the oSo lovable blu-ray? The Nintendo Wii that could change the way we game with the wii-mote and some well known titles coming to the next gen console such as Zelda: Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Mario Galaxy? Or should I the 360?
honestly i'm in the same boat money wise, but and i too only have the cube and ps2. last time i went playstation first, but this time i think its going to come last...prolly gonna go wii (the videos i0n posted of gameplay got me really excited for this one), 360 (especially since i've never had an xbox and would love to spend some quality time with halo, among others), and then ps3.
By the time they are all released, im betting you can get an xbox360 + Wii console for probably the same price as the playstation 3..

For me its gonna really depend on the launch titles, read today that Mario Galaxy isnt definitely gonna be a launch title :(
^-- yeah, saw that same (or very similar) article, it sounds like they're trying to get it done but the most they were willing to promise was 'within 6 months' of launch if not at launch time