Create your own wii controller!


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Aug 22, 2006

its true! if you want to get a little sneek peak of a wiimote experience go to that website and follow the directions!

i thought it was cool. heres some pictures of how mine turned out.

whoever does it should post their pictures too! then we can compare!

haha im such a dork

maybe I'll try it, your eyes are bloodshot, lay of the drugs

well atleast 1 is

is that a 1:1 scale?
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haha yeah, it took the picture from my RAZR phone, so you cant really expect high quality.

yeah i dont smoke weed anymore.

let me tell you that it screws with you!!!
hey in touch with wii, their different threads, yours is about skins for wiimotes and waht not, if you read the first post, its a site on how to accutaly make your own wiimote out of paper and what not!