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Sep 18, 2006
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Custom wii Creator, Get urs Created now!

Hey guys i was wondering if i should start a Custom wii designing thread where you get your Custom wii im not sure yet but maybe a few comments on this first:


If this is good enough and you want your custom wii It will be Maximum 1 week after your request that you will get to see the custom wii :p
here is the form
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Feel Free to do so ;) I got the idea from when wiimotes were just announced and someone on Nsider started to make Awesome Custom Wiimotes
Got alotta sigs to be making for members at the mo so doubt i'll make any, but yeah its a good thread idea, surprised no-one has done it already considering the popular Wii-mote thread where you make your own, good idea dude :)
Okay.. Even though i can make them as well.. I'll request one ;)

Make the theme black and red... Alot more then just a colour jub and simple render on this one ;)

I wanna see skill.. And darkly, abstract themed...


Ps. It's for me and my vampire buddies xD :p ;)
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This is what i came up with doing that Blood Design. Its not that great cause i had no idea what to do other then add some black and red lol