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Aug 13, 2007
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ok, just a short little message.

I walked into eb games today, and saw that they had all 09 EA titles for 20 bucks.
madden, fight night, ncaa, nhl, fifa, nascar, march nadness, nba live, etc.
All brand new.
If you are a sports fan, go check it out, i dont have any link to this, sorry.
All the info i can give is that i live in canada, so maybe this is an exclusive deal here, i dont know.

So i picked up FIFA 09.
and i ask myself.
why the bloody hell didnt i buy this earlier.

yes, its bringing out the british in me.

one more thing.

is anyone currently playing madden 09 or fifa 09? if so, let me know, because ide like to have a match with you.
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isnt fifa 10 out? i dont follow the sports games but i did used to see a lot of discussion about fifa on these forums.

i think that might be just in canada here in the states i follow the eb/gamestop deals pretty closely and i havent seen that one come up yet. good find though.
I used to be a huge fan of FIFA and would get it about every 2 years. Same with Madden. I got tired of getting it so often though, and haven't bought a new version in a while.

I'm playing MLB '09 The Show a lot right now, and if I get the new Madden right off the bat, there'll be too many games to play and not enough time... I hate that haha.

But yeah, thats a good deal but I don't think it's here in the US.
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as far as i know sense, the only 09 sports title out right now is ncaa football, and fight night round 4, madden 10 comes out in about a week, and fifa a a couple of months.

fifa is always the last to come out.

i chose fifa over all of them, because i knew it would last me a couple of months, and it would give me a good amount of time to play it and decide to get fifa 10 or not.

i will for sure be getting madden 210 on the first day, since to this day i still play madden 09 fairly often, and people who have me on psn don't know that because i use a completely different account for it.