different controllers


Jul 29, 2006
Wii Online Code
have any noticed in these two pictures that the ends of the controllers are different does anyone know why


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different versions....only the top left is current.
and iwata says that buttons may still be changed.

a nice addition to the most current controller, is a locking system for nunchuck attachments, so you cant rip the cable out on accident.
ohhhhh how the one of the left has a bigger sensor bar than the one of the right? well i get it now...im sure its just an updated version and that the picture taken on the right was taken quite some time ago.
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ok thanks i thought so it just seem that those arent really working models what do you think
Yeh a lot of the videos that show peopple using the wiimote aren't actually using a real one just a look-a-like, the one for tony hawk downhill jam is a good example it shows two kids with wiimotes but they cleary are just white box things becasue you can see a big black circle on the top.
heres another


they are from the red steel development team, and I think it was before E3, and they couldnt show the normal Wiimote causse here it is the real


Vev-Robot said:
And notice this: On the top one of the pictures, it says "Wii" at the bottom, and on the lower pic it's the Nintendo logo.
O yeah your right! You watch.. the Wiimote will end up not looking/being like its menna be.. and it'll end up being something unexpected like.. an atari joystick :cool:
Mabye Different Sencors FOr More Distance... Depending On The Room Your In!
Hmm, wouldn't it be smart of Nintendo to make just one controller, with good distance? Instead of making one with short range, and one with long.
Or did I misunderstand you?