Do you recon MGS will be brought to the Wii?

King Wiired

Aug 8, 2006
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I used to have a PS2 (before i sold it about a week ago) and there was only one lot of games that i loved... being the Metal Gear Solid series... And with Snake being brought to Brawl, do you think MGS could follow behind?
Also would you like to see the series on there too? Explain your reasons..
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Well to be able to use Snake in SSBB must mean they've bought some rights to him? So maybe if/when people buy SSBB and see Snake as a good character.. Nintendo might think... right lets bring more Snake to our system... thats what i recon/hope anyway:)
I doubt it will for a while at least it has that feeling of a PS3 and PC only game about it plus I don't know how they'd incorperate the wii control with MGS or maybe they'll use the classic controller who knows lol I'd love to see it but so far only the first ones been on a nintendo console (twin snakes) MGS did start on nintendos older consoles maybe its time for MGS to return to nintendo systems :D
i never thought the MGS series was too exciting.stealth games arent my favorite so i wouldnt care if it came to the Wii. it would bring more gamers to Nintendo from Sony though