Do you think you'll be able to just buy a lite on launch day?


(relatively) old guy.
May 23, 2006
Do you think considering its not a new unit that you'll be able to just buy a DS lite on launch day? I'd rather just pick one up at Target/WalMart on the 11th rather than pre-ordering through a game place. Thoughts?
I went ahead and preordered mine, since i'll be going through a game place anyway (trading in my original ds and sp)

It shouldn't be too much trouble to pick up at a walmart though, since its just a re-release of the system but if you don't make it to one of them in time you can bet the ones at a game store are all gone to reserves already

mostly it depends on how bad/quickly you want it
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Yeah, I won't freak out if I don't get one, I just don't see like Target or Walmart not having any left. I'll probably just be sure to get there when the store opens. They'd have to have at least a couple and as long as I walk right over and grab one....
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WalMart is the "evil empire". I don't care where you're from, you have to have heard of it?
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OK, some of us don't have a regular DS at all though and saving for a Wii isn't as big of a problem.
I got one on the day it came out
just walked into game and got one
To tell you the truth I don't see whats so cool about it. I have a regular one and I love it. As others have said I would much rather save up for the wii.