does anyone know how to...


Jul 17, 2006
in a box under your stairs
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does anyone know how to ease the suffering of a wicked bad sunburn other then aloe vera or whatever ... cause my back is red'er then mario and its very sensitive to touch .... (my brother keeps giving me 5 stars )
Get some natural yoghurt out of the fridge and rub over affected areas.

I got some bad sunburn one year in greece, lathered myself up in some natural greek yoghurt and it really soothed the sting, other than that smother yourself in baby lotion.

Sunburn sucks, good luck.
if it is ur back that is severley sunburned then don't lay on ur back and lay on your stomach and stay in a cool room. Then play some nintendo games: that always makes me feel better. n rub some yogurt on it like IoN said above
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yogurt .. really ? i heard from a friend tha water and vinager works well .. hmm.. wont i start to smell sour with the yogurt .. ? lol. well. i think i will hook up my extra n64 downstairs and play some super mario 64 and i will try the yogurt thanks guys