Downloads or no downloads!


Epona where are you!
Jun 8, 2006
I read in the new issue of NOM about the free downloads available at the DS stations wherever they are. I'd really like to see what Trauma Centre's like and Touch and Go Golf or even Pokemon Link so of I went into central London today!

Oxford Street, home to biggest HMV, Game and Virgin store.

Guess what? Not one of them is offering free downloads and enquiring questions at staff are met by :tard:

What's going on Ninty? Rubbish me thinx.

Kudos to Tooting for it's small game shop where I got a copy of Meteos demo for free.

And have words with the big guys will ya Ninty, s'bit of a joke!

mooks out
I don't think there are any official stations in Brittain, although in the US there are only a handful of games on them, none of them are those you listed, and they all seem to be the same.
well in the us there are two version last time i checked, they are at most targets and most gamestops or EB games, the first version has a video of mph, and tetris?(and more i cant think of them right now), and the second version has the demo of mph, magnetica, and pokemon trozei?( there is probably more but my memory isnt the best) but it made me want to buy mph heh
All the stations here in town are volume 1 (they are at EB/gamestop x3, Best Buy, and Target; incidentally, three of them are in the same shopping complex, right next to each other). I didn't even know there was a volume 2 yet.