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Aug 5, 2006
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Hey i just read Ions great post on 101 wii questions and i was wondering, wat is DRM? is it digital rights management and if so wat does it mean? I searched wiichat with DRM and digital rights management but DRM was to short and digital rights management came with nothing, So does DRM mean that the game that we buy can only be played on one wii? I dont understand fully, if this has been posted previously please send me the link and then delete this thread, thnx.
DRM like you said above is basically copy protection. Mainly used for DVD movies and audio , it is a collection of technology that prevents a user unlawfully copying and distributing that specific file.

On another note i have recently read some info suggesting the use of an online 'profile' for the VC service, where each users game downloads are tied into their profile login as to prevent and block trading of games amaoungst friends. Thats just speculation but i can see it being a good option for Nintendo.
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Ok, thnx iOn, so do u think that if a bought a wii game, i could be able to play it on my friends wii aswel? or will this "DRM" prevent it from being played on different wii's?
So You Can Play A Real Game It On ANy System... But If Its Copied You Cant Play It Period?