ds compatible?


The Silent Echo
Jun 3, 2006
do u think that nintendo has plans to make a device that attaches the DS to the wii so u can play it on ur tv or hook games up? (ex. harvest moon: fomt and harvest moon: awl).
Mr Jimsmit said:
Well, the wii is wirelessly compatible with the DS anyway, maybe they'll make use of that, I dunno.

Exactly, everything is wireless these days. The DS and Wii will work together somehow.
yes, they do have connectivity planned, it will not be a physical connection the ds has no port that could be used for the connection...

i think you guys missed the meat of the question.

no plans have been announced for playing ds games on the tv, though knowing nintendo they'll prolly implement something (they have since the snes)

there are a couple problems with doing so, now that i think about it:
1) the touch screen: for games that use it you usually have to have both screens in your field of vision to use it successfully might cause some problems when the screen is the tv and its 10+ ft away
2) hardware: without re-writing the existing games it couldn't work at all bc either the ds has to trasmit video data to the wii, or the game loads on the wii(via builtin slot or attachment) and transmits touch screen data back to the ds. the second option is possibly feasible bc the ds is set up to go into download mode from the main screen
They could create a physical connection if they use the same port that the charger uses, they just have to create the correct interface, then again, they may have some download and play feature in place. Hmmmm.<.<
same port that the charger uses

yeah, possible if the hardware is already set up that way...and not just a dedicate power port, i don't know

another option would be to release a peripheral with whatever came to run the games that is a separate touch screen that communicates directly with the wii and the ds wouldn't be involved at all, which is nice for people who don't want to buy the ds but still play the games
We already know that the DS power port is not a dedicated port. Just plug an SP headphone adapter into it and you'll see what I mean, BUT... what about the DS lite? They changed the power port on it, is it the same port just in a different shape or a different port altogether. I saw on IGN a while back that the Wii and the DS will communicate wirelessly (similarly to the GBA and gamecube, only without the cables), and if there was a DS-on-TV scenario, it would probably be in the virtual console