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Jul 15, 2006
ok so I didn't really search around for a thread containing this stuff(so don't be pissed if u have posted it already) but I haven't really looked up the ds but is it a good system and if so what r some good games for it?
yeah, its good. MP hunters is a good game, meteos is a good puzzle game, MKDS is a good online game. I dont have much but thats some of what i do have thats good
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oh I'm retarded yeah isn't it kinda weird though with the dual screens? but idk if I should pick one up or not
the dual screens is mostly just a helper. like gameplay in one and a map or menu in the other. the touch screen is great though.
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oh I know touch screens are nice 9) that sounds so perverted but I ment cuz my phone has a touch screen 8)
A phone with a touch screen???

Anyhoo, yes MP:H, MKDS, Under the Knife, an Brain Age are the best games I've played. The second scren is really used for cinematics and things like maps and menus, the touch screen makes the games more intuitive (like in MP:H, in the default controls you use it to rotate Samus and to choose weapons and change modes). When I first saw the DS I thought "how in the world will they use all that, wont a touch screen make things too easy and a second screen more complicated?" and then I played it...
Under the knife was ok, got bored after a while. havent tried brain age but i want to soon. another i want to play is lost magic. RPG style game where you draw the spells on the touch screen.
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hmm maby ill look into it but not till after the wii and ps3 8) oh yeah my phone is pimp that's how I'm n right now look it up audiovox xv6700
I like Mario 64 DS, New super mario bros, MP: Hunters and the greeeeat Mario Kart!!... brain age and brain academy are good too
i like mario 64!! and mph is good but it's a game u willl be stuck sometimes (maby) but a good game ,,, yes...
eh.. rayman DS love it ... mario kart DS good online not so good not online:p
I enjoyed MKDS offline, almost have 3stars on everything, but i live in a small town in the middle of nowhere so i dont have online capabilities. Wait for college to come in a month to use their wireless instead of buy the usb wireless adapter. But i have MPH but to me the controls are cool but kinda get boring and you have to set the game in your lap kinda to play it. Havnt tried many other games yet, going to get Zelda tho when it comes out for it.

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