Elebits I'm showinng an interest in. HELP!!!


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Aug 11, 2006
Australia, Melbourne
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Iv'e looked at Elebits and when i first saw it in the montage, i saw a guy with a beam putting a kettle into a draw, and it reminded me of when i was at Toorak Primary school and the schools official bully showed me how to play this game that was in the computer lab. You had to guide a paper airoplane around a house and get all things into right spots. Im interested in this game but can't find info, please help!
From what I know, this little electric buggers are running around, and you have to try to zap them all, they hide all over the house and you use the Nunchuk+Wiimote, to walk and then to zap. A physics engine will play a huge role in how hard and fast, vise versa, you move things and which direction. Theres up to 4 players (I believe only the 1 player is able to walk around)
Yep, definitely one of those pick-up-and-play games that is fun but has very little to it.
I've seen some gameplay videos for Elebits but I'm still not sure what it's like. Is it a storybased game? or just a minigames game like Mario Party?