Error 86420?? SSB


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Mar 12, 2008
I looked it up on Nintendo- Customer Service and followed the steps to repairing my router.... didnt work i went to Game Stop to by the wired usb cable. I used that and still got the same error code. Plz post any sudjestions or tips so i can get on SSB live. I need all te help i can get! :sick:


Nov 4, 2007
well can you connect to the wfc and use spectator mode at least? if not then try turning your modem off for 10sec and plug back in and see if you can now. if you cant then its a modem problem.

also try about 5 times to play a brawl online.. there are some slight problems still with the online and might nor work the 1st few times.

in other words maybe call nintendo for help.
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Mar 15, 2008
I'm getting the same error code every time someone tries to join. I live in a dormitory, so I don't have the option to mess with the router, but spectator mode and every other online function of the Wii works, so I'm pretty convinced the problem is on Nintendo's end.

I've seen lots of threads like these on various message boards complaining about this same guess is that the game is so popular that Nintendo's servers are overloaded...which makes me pretty ticked off considering they should have been prepared for this. Then again, there's STILL a wii shortage. Nintendo's really dropping the ball on this, eh? :p


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Feb 7, 2008
I wasn't able to find the post in the Smash Brother's Brawl forum, but there was a guy who had some info with respect to WFC error codes. I was also worried it had something to do with opening ports on my router, but that's not necessary. Codes that begin with a 6, 7 or 8 are all server errors...

If you are having trouble connecting, go to this link: Tell Nintendo when and where you are so they can look at their systems and fix the problems.

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