Error Message 51330 ??


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Apr 21, 2009
Hi, we are trying to connect to the wireless internet, it can find out wireless connection and we have entered the WPA passkey but the connection test comes up with an error 51330, would appreciate your advice to overcome this problem.
In wii settings there are 3 different WPA to select. Switch to one of the others if you don't know exactly which one your router is set to. Also I have had that error (besides the wrong WPA selected) just recently.
It turned out to be the IP address was the same as my 2nd computer. I usually do not have that computer on so it was never a problem before.
It could be other stuff but this is what mine was.
Hope it helps.
using laptop windows 7 as a wireless hot spot,mobole broadband.....wii finds it but wont connect....nintendo support called he didnt know....error51030 was first code tried another way now it is 51330....any help or knowledge would b wonderful

thans Bryan