Ethernet Kit for the Wii

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in touch with the wii said:
cool i dont no why but my wirless router doesnt work for my ds ..........................................
my friend's wireless router wouldn't work for his 360 so he just called the Geek Squad
I got a wireless router a long time ago, I use it to connect like 4 computers together. =) So, I have no worries. =D
I have a wireless router , problem being, i cant conenct to wifi with me DS or DS lite, Its very secured, and i know i can change all this in the router set up etc, but does the wiiconnect 24 work the same as wifi? or is it more complex?
Because ive connected to my router on my psp, by just enetering the wep code.
And, The amount of computers connecting to one router doesmt matter does it? Because we got five laptops connected , and four main computers. Were gonna get a server in the office upstairs eventually, and connect through the server, in this case, will i be able to connect to wiiconnect via the server ?

You should reconfigure your LAN, adding a switch to everything that's locallized and then daisy chain your modem/wireless router into one of the ports.

The reason behind this is that switches are entirely hardware based- there is no intermittent layer of software to muck things up.

Granted, this doesn't give you the ability to partition your LAN by domain restriction or any of the other frills you get with a router, but where a switch accels at is being tremendously fast, allowing full duplex connections on all ports simultaneously, despite how much stress you're putting on your network.

After doing this, you'll be able to either patch your Wii in through your wireless connection(it can not only connect to other wireless devices but can also act as an Ad-hoc wireless router for the DS and possibly PSP).

As far as the ethernet adapter is concerned, a common USB to Ethernet adapter will suffice, as this is all Nintendo's adapter is.

Here's one from NewEgg for $14:
Oh, I forgot to mention, that in a price point comparison, the official Nintendo converter will be between $20 and $40... not exactly a bargain.
I think im still going to get a wireless router anyways...its going to be easyer on the PC as well so
Well, paying 40 bucks isn't very nice. But the household opinion about Wireless routers isn't great. They are fairly easy to hack into and leech internet from, as well as who knows what else.

Even 'secure' Wireless isn't nearly as secure as non-wireless.

Either way, I'm sure the discussion will come up in my house a few times before November 19.
If you're worried about wireless security, why not employ 256 bit encryption keys or opt for a ethernet over powerline solution?
teqguy said:
If you're worried about wireless security, why not employ 256 bit encryption keys or opt for a ethernet over powerline solution?

I'll look into that more, espicially the latter.
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