EU VC/Wiiware 15/May/2009


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This week we get

Pitt fall the Mayan adventure
MegaDrive - 800pts
Similar to games such as Earthworm Jim, Pitfall features some very well animated characters: Harry Jr. and his enemies have very detailed motions, and almost look right out of a cartoon. Speaking of Harry Jr., his father, Harry Sr., must be proud of him – he's a far better explorer than his old man. Instead of only being able to run, jump and climb/swing on things, Harry Jr. is able to crawl, slide, roll, and much more. He's also got weapons at his disposal: a whip to thrash most of the generic enemies into submission; a slingshot, which can fire both normal stones and those of the exploding type (for taking care of bosses); and even a boomerang (for cutting spiderwebs).

Swords and soldiers
Swords & Soldiers is a side-scrolling real time strategy game that lets you control all the action on the battlefield easily by using only the Wii Remote. Just point at the screen and press the A Button to build new units, cast devastating spells and tear your enemy’s structures to pieces! You can tackle the game’s various modes and missions on your own, or challenge a friend in action-packed split-screen battles.
Yeah, I used to play The Mayan Adventure. Its silky-smooth animation was so good to watch. It was indeed reminiscent of Earthworm Jim in that sense, perhaps having even more frames of animation per move than EWJ. And thats saying something.

As far as the Swords and Soldiers game... at first I thought it looked crappy, but the more I think about it, the cooler it seems. A new take on RTS games. Maybe this could get me into the genre more.
The Pittfall game looks very solid...
Swords and Soldiers, not my kinda game...

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