Excite Truck


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May 9, 2006
So is it just me or is anyone else thinking excitebike on a grander scale....

pretty much confirmed in this article on gamespot

Nintendo puts a new spin on a classic concept, courtesy of the Wii and trucks.
By Ricardo Torres, GameSpot
Posted May 9, 2006 11:52 am PT

LOS ANGELES--Nintendo is putting a new spin on a classic concept with Excite Truck, the upcoming racer for the Wii. If the name sounds a bit like Excitebike, the classic NES game, you'll find that's for a reason. The game uses the basic Excitebike formula and puts trucks in the mix. In the short demo we were able to try, the game offered a fun racing experience that made smart use of the controller's attributes. We tried a few laps in Mexico, the second of two courses (the first being Fiji) and were pleased by how the action handled.

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I really liked the way this game looked. To drive you have turn the controller Horizotal and the Motion Technology is also used for this racing game. You move the wii-mote left, your truck is going left...vice versa