Far Cry Vengeance


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Aug 6, 2007
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Is there ANY good reviews for the Far Cry Vengeance game? i know there are loads of negative reviews, but the trailers look ok for it, and it looks like my ideal shoot em game, so what are the disadvantages of the game for those who have played it on the wii that they don't show.
i thought it was a good game, it was pretty easy to beat the game tho, i only rented it for like a week
ye why are the reviews so bad? It looks decent. Is it worth buying for 15 bucks?
ye it seems really good but I just want to make sure the games not terrible. If it is I can just put that money toward a new game lime MP3.
ye i know it is but will far cry be a game I would play and enjoy or would it be a game I hate and feel like i just wasted 15 bucks
renting it would be 11.34 at blockbuster. I would probly be better of buying it.
lol - I'm huge on first person shooters, I paid $20 bucks for my copy of FCV. The game is loaded with glitches and it's very easy. The worst part is when you take the remote out of the sensor's side-to-side/up-and-down range, the screen lags up and freezes for a second. Also, you simply can't turn the screen fast enough. You have to slowly turn and do a 180.

HOWEVER - it has pretty good graphics. It doesn't have a wannabe cell-shaded theme going on like Red Steel (don't get me wrong I like Red Steel and I almost have it beat even though I never play it, but the game has terrible graphics). Also, Far Cry is just awesome. This may be a crappy addition to the series, but it's still a pretty good FPS. For $15? Absolutely with-out a doubt. Compared to something like MP3 though? Is there a big difference between $15 and $50 :lol: ...