Fight Night Round 4 for Wii !!


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Feb 4, 2009
Hi, I was see the demo of Fight Night Round 4 in Gamestop yesterday and I say is great is the best boxing game to date, the graphics looks so realistic. I played Muhammad Ali versus Tyson, the gameplay is good but not great.
I think this will be better playing with the Wiimote and more inmersive.
I know that EA canada develop de game and it's for a launch date soon, I hope they include the Wii on the consoles that receive the game, becose EA promises that they will support heavy the Wii in 2009, I hope they build this game for Wii.
I will claim in the EA forums for this game, trying to push EA to release the game for Wii !!

If you want this game for Wii, you can do the same!!

The power of the masses can do everything!!
I knew he who dosnt know about things (nickname pending)was gonna ask for this

Learn more about technology
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Power of the masses? :lol:

Tell that to Ness
Wii's getting Punch-Out!! I can almost guarantee it will make a better boxing experience than the half-assed downgraded afterthought Fight Night Round 4 would make.

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