*FIXED* CONCEPT for wiimote chargers...


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Aug 20, 2006
Miami Beach, fl
but be4 that...the control used for the virtual console its called the "retro". the "classic" is when u get the wiimote and turn it SIDEWAYS as if it were a steering wheel, bcuz like that u still have the d-pad and the a+b buttons on the side, just like the CLASSIC nes or snes or w/e lol ok now onto the pic, these are concepts...hopefully true...

who wants ice?

you get one ice!
Those are very cool! But I would think it would be like 360, you plug it into console..and that would kinda suck...having a 4-1 charger adn 1 charger, what if you get teh 4-1 and then you end up not getting 4 controllers!? There would be useless spaces!
i wonder why in the 4-1 one why the green controller isnt lightened blue at the bottom? maybe a sign of its already recharged? Well they look good and it will please my mum cause batteries are expensive now days.....=)
I really hope you can get rechargable battery pack for the Wiimotes like that, that would be toooo cool.
that looks sweet. I wonder if they will have different color Wiis when it launches. Im guessing it will be a japanese thing (just like the DS and GC) but it would be real cool if they did release multicolored Wiis on launch here in america.
those are realy old made before we knew that wiimotes worked on AA batteries i could see them making them use rechargable AA batteries then having a usb charger although you could only charge 2 at once.