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May 23, 2006
OK, I don't have a DS yet, picking one up on the 11th. But I have some questions. What the heck are friend codes? A link is fine if someone has one. If I know someone somewhere else, can I play against them if they give me the right info? Can I play against random people etc? I've read about them, mostly complaints, and I still can't figure out QUITE how they work. Maybe it would be really obvious if I actually had a DS but I guess I want to know before hand.
Well, they are like passwords to connect with your friends, so you won't talk or play with people you don't know or know.
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So what happens if you know no one personally with a DS? You're SOL or what?
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So what's the point then. I guess maybe it would be less confusing if I had a DS but if you can play with random people any way, what's the friend code for? Or do you mean like people you meet on forums and stuff not on WiFi connection.
Friend codes are IP address, or an internet address, only it's for your DS, so that you can connect and play with other people. For instance, I'd give you mine, you'd give me yours, we'd add them to our DS's and when we go to play MK WI FI we'd play with "Friends", and any of your friends (the people you have friend codes for) that are online will be able to play with you. Does that make sense?o_O
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OK, I have MarioKart DS, how do I find out my friend code?
Another analogy: friend codes are like phone numbers: you can connect directly to others using them, but you have to communicate them to one another by other means. In order for a friend code to be valid, both people have to enter each other's friend code (you can't just enter a friend's code without them entering yours), you only have to enter them once, then they are added to your list. For example: In Metroid Prime: Hunters, you can play with "Find a game," which pairs you with (ideally) 3 other players who are looking for a game (I say ideally, because there are not always 3), there is no communication whatsoever between players. After the game, everyone gets a checkbox next to their name, you check the box to add them as a rival (rivals work like friend codes in that both parties have to be willing. However, rivalries are different than friendships in that there is not in-game communication). OR: you can enter someone's friend code (or gain rivals) and play a "Friends and Rivals" game. Any of your friends or rivals can join a game which you host (or they host, you can choose to block freinds or rivals), in a friends and rivals game, there are more options as far as gameplay, and only for friends there is text and voice chat before and after the game.

In MarioKart to find your friend code, go to:
Nintendo WFC, Friend Code; then to see your friend code, touch confirm friend code; to enter someone else's code, touch register friend code.