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May 12, 2006
I was loooking through the ds forumn and didnt see a recent friendcodes topic, so I thought I should post one here. My friendcodes are

MarioKart: 493985 263436
AnimalCrossing: 270652 824458
MetroidPrime: 343667 445277

Just post yours and I'll hope to see you on.
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you go to multiplayer, then wfc, then edit friends and rivals, then add friend on the bottom. Yours should be on the top left.
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Thank you, and to anybody else that has some, I will see you online. [Keep them coming though]
MPH: 0172 5187 5023
MKDS: 493993 385777
Tetris: 868483 612331 (though, this card is currently MIA)

Whichever of you is "Jolt", your friend code didn't register (it's weird, I got your name, but not your hunter's license, I have the "if you still see this screen after registering yada, yada, yada"). "0oPUMAo0" went through fine, though
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Thats probably because I haven't registered you yet. Once I put you in, it should be fine.

EDIT*: see right now my ds is a little shaken up, so it's getting fixed. I'll still be able to put you guys in, but I won't be able to paly it for awhile. Just wanted to let everybody know.
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Yea because all the other people I have, it says the same thing, and they either haven't put me in, or I haven't gotten online to play with them yet.
add me!!!

my ac:ww is

name: stuart
Animal crossing:3624-9172-4558
(i know not very creative but i wanted it realistic)
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Sweet , i'm loading up on people thanks. [ Keep them coming, theres no hurt in this.]

hi mph my fc is:0730-8939-6935
my name is:shadow add me.:scared:

i added you pit18:lol:
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