Game consoles come out to often..


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Oct 31, 2006
I'm worried that new game consoles are coming out to often. Every 4-6 years we have to spend more and more to get the latest hardware. And now game consoles are in my opinion, moving way to much into media. People boast about how PS3 has so many media capabilities. This might be stupid, but I think the next generation or the generation after will be focused way to much on media and less on games. The cost of new consoles may be a problem as well. Even in our current generation, many complain of the PS3's price and even the 360's price. I know this is a bit early to talk about this, but I just read on these forums that the successor to 360 is already in development and is planned for 2011-2012. Wouldn't it be better to stick to these 3 and just keep developing great games for them. Graphics are already enhanced enough, developers have to focus on gameplay now.

If you actually read through all that, what are your opinions?
In my opinion, the consoles release just fine the way they are. But I think they are trying to focus more on media capabilities than a video game's gameplay.
Nintendo is an exception because they always work on the games and less on fancy stuff like the graphics. PS3 and Xbox 360, I believe do focus on anything else besides the video games they make. Nintendo actually takes their time to make their whole franchise successful.
Anyway, that was getting a little off topic. But your point is well taken. A whole year is a long time, so by the time the next console hits, the last one would have already died. So, I think the consoles move out at a steady rate. I don't see how they rush into it.

Of course, this is just me talking. Ignore me, if you want...
Yes I think that consoles come out too often but if they didn't then we could still be playing N64...Which is why I mainly PC game but still I having to upgrade every few years to play the lastest so it's just the same as the consoles.

I am happy though that consoles come out frequently as I rather play with the Wii's motion controller's than standard controllers and it will only keep getting better.
Plays on his still set up binatone

Personaly im not arsed about recent consoles (ex wii) its allways game play for me
But games companys re allways trying to out do each other
I cant wait for the next consoles to come out, I am so curious as to where each company is going to being heading in the future. I think 4 or 5 years is plenty of time to enjoy a console and wait for a new one.

But I 2 am worried about the prices. Either "playstation 4" will be mad expensive or it wont be good at all.

And yes some companies need to focus more on gameplay, and that could be where the prices start to rise. Consoles that already have good graphics and are in need of better gameplay, the prices will most definately rise in order to do this. For the next nintendo system, they may focus on graphics, but they may not. Hopefully they upgrade them somewhat but continue to have great gameplay. I rambled quite a bit and went all over the place , but if you can sort that all out, those are my thoughts..
I just wait for the price drop unless there allready under £200
PuNkMaN said:
nobody said we HAVE to get them so you don't have to get them if you don't want to

4-5 years is enough time Price is a big factor. This is true you don't have to get the new console if you don't want to but eventually you will because they will stop making games for the old console thats how I got a PS2 they quiet making PS1 games