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Jun 9, 2006
The land of Oz
Hey all

Ive been googling on the net for a site that will allow me to plug a GC controller into a computer so that i can play N64 emulation type games that are on the computer (eg Zelda OOT Master Quest, Banjo Tooie) . Its coz the N64 controllers joysticks have been so used for so long that they just hardly respond at all and i find the GC controllers alot more comfy to use.

Im interested in finding a computer plugin software that will calibrate the GC controller to use with the computer so I can play emulation N64 games more comfortably than using the keyboard.

Any one have any ideas or links that I can look at?

By the way I have some basic soldering skills and am able to do simple soldering layouts if any1 mentions that I need to create a gateway (not sure if thats the rite word) for the GC controller to computer.

Cheers Stuart :cool:
I have one of these, its called the trio linker and games like Mario 64 are perfect with the GC controller.

Google it, its really easy to find and can accept PS2 and Dreamcast controllers.
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Oh ok thanks D Twizzle. I've had a look at google and unfortuantely they sell them on ebay. And I don't use ebay at all. Can these 'Trio Linkers' be found in computer stores in Australia? For example Electronics Boutique?