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Dec 27, 2006
Dublin, Ireland
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I never had a gamecube so i feel i totally missed out on all that, which is great because the wii is backwards compatible. I'm trying to get some of the top games (cant use ebay, parents are pretty sketchy about it) but i cant seem to find any in stock anywhere. They dont even sell GC games here in ireland anymore, and online places that i usually use (play-asia, dont have the games that i want in stock, because they're out of print. One game that i want SO SO bad is super smash bros. , infact that was what made me decide to get a wii after playing it in my friends house on his GC. Anyone know of any sites that still have alot of the older GC games in stock? i was also looking for zelda and resi 4.

Also, i know that the freeloader doesnt work on european wii's, but im slightly confused. Ive been seeing on websites that datel were working on a new GC action replay that was compatible with the wii, so i checked their site and it said that it was compatible with the wii (so i ordered it - out of stock at the mo though, so i havent gotten it yet). Has anyone gotten the action replay in europe and had it work? Im not too bothered if it doesnt because i got it to try out homebrew anyway
I've been looking too and the only place I've managed to get any games is on EBay :(. Managed to find mario kart double dash and super smash bros melee through there :) You could also try Amazon marketplace sellers...

My advice is to ask parent about EBay again, theres really not that much to be wary of if you got with an established seller with good feedback :).
I got an action replay just before christmas to play cube games on my Wii (like it says it will) and it DOESN'T work.
Even if I follow the instructions nothing happens.
I've mailed Datel & they said they would send a replacement but nothing has turned up as of yet.
Now they won't even answer me : - (
Very dissapointed.
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just to let everyone know, my action replay arrived this morning. i tried the freeloader with a US copy of soul caliber and it works perfect
Me to.Datel replaced my Action replay & this one actually plays ALL my USA games on my PAL Wii : - )
sounds interesting, i have UK GC games, so i guess there is no need for myself, unless there are any US games that didnt get UK releases?

anyone know of any?
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Not a whole lot of US games that arent in europe that i know of anyway, but there are plenty of japanese games ill be picking up ;)

The main advantage is you can get US/Japanese games alot cheaper off the internet, plus they dont really sell GC games here in ireland anymore
wii wayne said:
Me to.Datel replaced my Action replay & this one actually plays ALL my USA games on my PAL Wii : - )

Did you have to send Datel your old one. How long did it take for them to get the new one to you?