games to be £50

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is this just a guess at the price ?
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ye but also some game sites have ps3 game prices when they sony havent even comfirmed the price for their games
Speculation, my friend. I've heard anywhere from 50$ to 80$. Games cost more to make on new consoles. It's like DS games. Nintendo charges 30$ for their games, but most other makers charge 35$ to 40$. It's up to the developer.
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well if there target market are new gamers as well as hardcore gamers

i cant see new gamers paying £50 for a new game
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as you may have seen old ppl in the wii vids

can you really see like 60+ paying £50/$100 for a new game?
From site above:

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Pre-order Due for release on 25/12/2006
our price: £49.99 Delivered

Probably a guess at the price (if they get people to buy them for that price they won't lose money when the final price is announced)

it does include shipping (though i don't know what that usually runs in the uk)
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motherbrainrulez said:
no high pricesa are going to stop me playing metroid prime 3

ye but wot about their target of new gamers will they pay £50?

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