Getting your Rank up? (MKWii)


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Sep 3, 2009
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So in order to get your rank up and have stars next to your name online you need to have all stars on every Grand Prix. I currently have one star but I find it harder to get three stars. Does anyone know what the game focuses on in order to do better in the Grand Prix?

I played a 50cc match today and I was at least 30 seconds in front of the computer in 2nd and all I got was two stars? Help?
It took me a long time for the 3 Star rank to show up. I would also be way ahead of the Computer and would get a 2 star rank or lower. I think it is based more on race performance and consistency. Just keep Racing!! Good luck!

PS. Doing well on the time trials also helps. Try to open all the Fast Ghosts
When you race in time trial mode, you will be given the option to race against ghosts. A ghost is a see through/translucent untouchable opponent. You are basically racing against the clock. The ghost just gives you a visual reference of where you are in comparison on the track. You have the option to race with them or without them. You can race against your best time ghost or a Nintendo employee’s ghost. As you beat the first set of Ghost (and you will) you will unlock what is referred as “Fast Ghost”. It is much more difficult to beat their times. But it can be done. Good Luck and HAVE FUN.
3 stars is difficult, although i managed to get it in 2 days after i got the game.
the trick is to:
Drift tight as u can to walls,
avoid getting hit by items (manage items[shock predict, Blue dodge, etc.])
and last is to make no mistakes.
As Dudearino said, it's about consistency in the Grand Prix. For me, in the 150cc and Mirror Cup, I didn't come in 1st waaay ahead of the CMP, I just maintained a secure lead throughout and won by a few seconds for my 3 star runs.