Ghostbusters review?

i have not played it, but it looks awful, my friend said it was decent, i would wait until it went cheaper, but hey, do whatever you want haha! but to me it looks like most of the games that comes out for wii, like games such as: BRATZ dress-up and stupid crap like that, like "the Wiggles" for Wii, it looks like it would be a total waste at this point.
i beat it on rookie, got it last Tuesday (i think thats when it came out, got a sound call from Dan Aykroyd telling me Ghostbusters was in "see you on the other side" any who it was a cool recording. played it constantly on Rookie just beat it tonight. the final end boss took me 29 minutes and 38 seconds. I beat it on rookie, i think thats good enough. my arms got so sore.
i just played a bit today.

i chose the girl to play as... the guy with the blonde hair looks dumb.

um so far its pretty cool but seems the story is like a book with chapters?

example.. 1st match i had to catch slimer.. even before i caught him i finished the 1st chapter of the game and told me my stats and stuff.
this happens too quickly. every 10 min i start a new chapter and that stalls the game for me.

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