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Aug 1, 2006
Nintendo is up against a powerful company sony, and personally I think they won't win. Why they won't win is because sony owns 94 billion bucks and nintendo owns 7 billion bucks. Nintendo is losing by $87 billion. I've looked at the graphics of the wii and they'r about as good as standard games on the ps2 and some xbox games. Sony has moved ps3's release date back to november to fix the bugs out of it. Why do people say ps3 sucks when it hasnt been released yet? Lots of people on this site are ignorant. And also to the ones that say sony sucks, why do you say sony sucks when it has 87 billion dollars more than nintendo and its won the console wars twice now, with both playstation and playstation 2. Seeing as how it was in last place with gamecube I think you idiots should shut up about sony sucking because I think nintendo has been sucking and they're gonna have to work their asses off to catch up with sony and microsoft. Gamecube didn't even have online it was weak compared to xbox and ps2 and it couldnt play dvd's or cd's and it missed out on alot of cool features. I'm tired of all the ignorant conflict between sony fans and nintendo fans, I've noticed most nintendo fans just automatically hate sony so they refuse to accept the fact that its actually a good company. Anyways I've been reading up on the Wii and the ps3 and the ps3 definately sounds very impressive with its blu ray, which will enable more disc capacity and way faster loading times. Personally i only think nintendo will have a chance if ps3 undergoes problems with bugs, as its cell processor was said to have a bad ratio of working but however that was old news. As far as I'm concerned though the nintendo wii will be at a disadvantage once it faces the ps3 and xbox 360. Good luck nintendo.
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Are you seriously comparing Sony as an entire company to Nintendo? Ofcourse Sony is going to have more money because they do other things than just game where Nintendo is a GAMING COMPANY! Sony does computers, cameras, stereos, games, TV's, etc... Sony is a good company when you think of it in a business point of view, since they have so many different products to sell, which for the most part are very good products, they are naturally going to gain better revenue than a gaming only company. But if you think of it in a gamers prospective, Nintendo is the ****. Yes Nintendo does want to make money, but that is not their sole purpose as a company. Their goal is to make fun games, and they do that. They are the origin of gaming as we know it today...PERIOD. That statement is not to discredit Sony one bit. They have fun games like ratchet and clank, MGS, etc...but frankly I dont think they could care any less about inovation or haveing great quality games, as long as they make their buck. Nintendo's drive is to revolutionize the gaming industry with originality and amazing gameplay. Not with simply faster CPU's, faster GPU's, and overpriced technology which is years ahead of its time.
if this thread turns into a flamefest it's getting locked, keep it mature please guys :)
sorry iOn. I can respect his opinion on Sony and Ninty and understand completely when he says how some people here are ignorant for thinking Sony sucks, but he doesnt need to start threads in specific console oriented forum intending to start something because he doesnt like it. Go ahead and lock this if you like iOn. Im done with Sony fanboys who think they need to go to their "opposers" forums to start trouble.
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