Got a question about the control


Jul 25, 2006
when you buy the wii will it come with this?

or no? or is this one of the 2 controls that come with it. like nintendo said they might be generous about giving 2 controls could this be it? or will it come with this and 2 wii-motesand this.
I dont think that info has been announced. I would bet my money that the the box will come with the wii, all associated hardware, and 1 wiimote. I would like for it to come with two, and feel that this could be possible in an effort to back Nintendo's "bringing players together" theme. However, it would also drive up the cost, so this may not be the case. But Im sure there will be packages out there that will come with an extra controller and a game. But the base unit will likely just come with one - thats my opinion, my hope is that the base unit comes with two. There is strong evidence to support the nunchuck also being included with a wiimote in the main box.
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what nintendo can is the can give 2 wii-motes and sell other wii-motes for a hi price so they wont lose profit.
I dont think so, in fact I think its better 2 wii-motes and then everybody buys appart its classic wii controller...
Nintendo has stated the wii-motes will include the nunchuk attachment, hopefully they don't cost a lot to make so we don't have to pay a lot to get 4 players and 2 controllers included with preloaded demos you can delete off memory if you don't want, that'd be sweet and would stick to Nintendo's philosophy to offer a great game console at an affordable price.
nintendo lover said:
I dont think the wii will come with the classic controller but maybe the wii can comre with two wiimotes withe their nunchuk expansions.
i agree i think that nintendo would lose some profit if they sold the wii with all the controllers
I'd think they'd include everything you need to play, a Wiimote including the nunchuck, a VC controller and WiiSports.
I think the most reasonable package will come with a wiimote with the nunchuck and another wiimote without the nunchuck because if its true that wiisports will come with the console, you already have 2 wiimotes and wiisports doesn't need the nunchuck. Plus I haven't seen any launch games with multiplayer games that require both the nunchuck and hte wiimote. ( Well I heard Red Steel might have multiplayer, but i don't know if its true).
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