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Aug 5, 2006
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Hey, i was reading another thread recently and someone mentioned GP2X, i googled it and looked at the pics but know like nothing about it. Could someone help me out here?
Its a system hat was bilut mostly for emu (better than psp no messing about with firmware)
but it dose other things like good video play back (all major fomats)
its also possable to get a lead to plug it into the tv

GP2X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have one but I meesed up the firmware update for it
its also smaller than a psp
battrys last longer (about 8 hours)
Yeah I've heard of it, even considered getting one. I have quite a lot of emulators so maybe i'll get one some time. First though... the wii, a new graphics card, tonnes of games, and a new ipod.
So yeah, I won't be getting one any time soon.
The emus are made just for it
theres also some stand alone games
I have a gp2x its ok but overhyped lol i didnt use it for ages then it just stopped working some sd card wont work with it like the one that was suplied with it lol, but saying that when it works its better great coz you can have mario and sonic on the go oh and pokemon lol
One thing to say to that last post