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Aug 8, 2007
guy gets owned by the cop that pulled him over on local forum!


officers reply

Disclaimer - this is assuming you were the moron racing on John Young past Walmart (near the roadside crosses where those 3 girls were killed in a street racing crash). If not, then I had someone just as idiotic do the same thing.

You just don't understand a break when I give you one. Please take me to court so I can print this out and show the judge.

what a coincidence hahahahah lol!!!!!! third reply
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wow. mod is even gonna sticky this on the other forum ;]
Lmao, I love the internet.
problem is it will be very hard to definitively connect the virtual person to the actual one without a confession. online posts have been used before ina variety of trials, and generally get thrown out when challenged.
Lol, I'll remember what information I say over the internet from now on.
Lol, that's awesome. 21st century all right

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Zaphod: "They want to arrest me over the phone? I guess so, I'm a pretty dangerous dude when I'm cornered."
Ford: "Oh yeah. You go to pieces so fast people get hit by the shrapnel..."

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dang that thread has a load of posts for an inactive forum