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Feb 7, 2009
sorry if this is the wrong place but are there any games that go above 480p and if not what are some good games me n my girl can play with a decent picture?
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i have the 360 and im fine with the graphics on the wii i was just wondering if it gets any better... can you recomend any good games me and my girl can play together.
a good game is cod: world at war. you play, she makes you a sandwich.
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a good game is cod: world at war. you play, she makes you a sandwich.
this one put a smile on my face b/c thats what it was like before we got the wii well see how that works out now.
Mario Galaxy is really only single-player. A second person can point to things on the screen but that's about it.

With the Lego games, two people can run around at the same time. But it isn't split screen. You are invisibly "rubber banded" together so you can't get too far apart (since you share the same screen).
There are tons of games on the Wii that you and your gurl might enjoy together.

1. Mario Kart = take turns beating the single player mode together then jump online simultaneously when you've got the hang of the wii wheel controls

2. Boom Blox = up to four players but two is still fun

3. Resident Evil:UC = shoot zombies together

4. Brawl = two-player fighting side scroller and up to 4 player brawl mode

5. There are many more but check these out first.

Oh yea, if you're looking for graphics, Brawl and Mario Galaxy will probably be your best bet on the Wii.
If you want the best graphics, grab a PS3.
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Brawl is one of the prettier games on Wii and the Subspace mode has two player co-op, not to mention some of the best offline multiplayer ever...

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