Oct 27, 2006
I am a new member and I can't wait for the wii. The twilight princess looks outrageous!!!! I can't wait to play it!!!!!:yesnod: :yesnod: I LOVE THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!!!!

Damit three Zelda ello pics its so hard to chouse
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Darkprinny said:
Are you quotein your self
I meant to edit not quote. I love the picture. Trish:yesnod:
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I found out this morning Toys r us is only giving out 11 pre-orders tomorrow. Why only 11 does anyone know?
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Do you think its worth a try? I think the employees of the toys r us give them to their friends. I have to have a wii on the 19th.
Yes it is if they want a deposit
then if you dont get one rase heck

Meh im in the UK wii (heh) dont get it untill December
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I Got A Preorder

:smilewinkgrin: lAST NIGHT i WENT TO TRU AND CAMPED OUT WITH 20 OTHER NINTENDO FANS AND I WAS ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES. I was there for 12 hours in the cold but it was worth it. They handed out a total of 40 tickets. Now I can rest until nov. 19.:smilewinkgrin: :yesnod: