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Jul 10, 2006
Georgia, USA
Im a kart fan above all else. If you dont understand why then you need to get some more friends because single player mario kart sucks - unless you are practicing for a tournament or something. There is nothing that compares to the excitement of a four player race; it is better than mario party and better than smash brothers. I would put it up there with the first time I played Goldeneye multiplayer or 16 player Halo, except the euphoric feeling lasted longer than just the first two times playing. I hope the Wii kart has an online competition and more courses. I love the double dash format and hope Nintendo brings it back on Wii because I love having two sources of weapons to choose from. My favorite combo is either red shells and mushrooms or redshells an big banannas. So i like para troopa and toad/toadette, or para and diddy. I cant wait for the new version of this game and I hope that it uses controls similar to excite truck.

Im also looking forward to Zelda, though I'm a little disapointed that you still tap B to use your sword. I would rather hold B (or a predefinable button) and swing the wiimote around with all my fury unleashed upon the enemy.

I hope to own one on launch date, even though this is not smart in the event of a bug that needs to be fixed or a price drop.

I will consistently write long posts as you can tell, maybe I'm full of myself and I like to be heard, or maybe I just have good things to say - that is for yall to decide.
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Good; a writer. My experience with Mario Kart was very similar: stayed up til 3 or 4 AM playing with my cousin's fiance and loved every minute, or hour I guess.:D

Oh, and in Zelda: TP, I believe you can parry (like in fencing) by parrying with the Wiimote aswell as perform the spin-attack by sort of rolling your wrist with the Wiimote. I also think I remember someone being able to dodge by waving the nunchuk, but don't quote me on that one. Look around on IGN for their E3 videos, but I'm 99% sure about the first two moves.

Hope you like it here.:)
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