HELP!! Colour article


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Aug 29, 2006
HELP ME!! look i found out that only white is at launch day but will platinum be availible by christmas!!??:sick:
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Ronan said:
its funny how they introduced it as black (look at sam harris' avatar) but are releasing it as white.
I guess it was because revolution was the code name & the color associated with it was also temporary. So with official name comes new color that we see on internet, t.v., magazines, etc. I'm sure black would be the first addtional color that they add since we've already seen photos of it, but i bet by the time other colors come out you would have to pay for Opera Brwoser with Wii points.
i heard back on during the big september news conferences that black and maybe some other colors would be out spring. White is only out right now to insure that people who can't find the right color won't turn away and not buy a wii. because they only have one option
I dont care. To me, white looks futureistic. Black says sony all over it. Green looks good, but its not as new looking at white. Red:AWSOME...not futureistic looking. silver...meh kinda futureistic.

so its all white for me
Id love to get Black but it dosn't really matter the color..i mean it not the color that makes the console run anyways
I'ld love to own a black console but I dont think I shall be able to get one.
Of course, maybe they will release covers like for the XBOX 360 which would make the Wii even more sweet.