Heroes (Wii) a new project from the makers of Killer 7:


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Jul 21, 2006
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"The Wiire received the first look at Heroes for the Nintendo Wii this morning, including a downloadable video for our readers, along with information regarding launch.

According to Chami Hentona, PA to CEO at Spike Co. Ltd in Japan, Heroes is currently in the works with Marvelous Interactive and Grasshopper Manufacturer.

Previously, The Wiire spoke exclusively to Goichi Suda and Nobuhiko Nakamura from Grasshopper Manufacturer in a sit-down interview at E3 2006 in Los Angeles. Grasshopper planned to unveil Heroes to the world at the event but was unable to launch the footage as planned.

The Wiire recently came in contact with Hentona regarding the video, and we received a whopping 600MB zip file containing the footage planned to be shown at E3 2006, uncompressed to be an 846MB AVI file lasting 3 minutes and 45 seconds. The Wiire presents the first footage of Heroes."

Source: CLICK

Trailer on youtube: CLICK!



Well lets just hope this game is better than Killer 7, okay well hope you enjoyed this, bringing you the new Wii news as soon as possible:

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Homicidal_Gamer said:

There thats a link to the video on youtube. :)

P.S. the voice acting is God awful. :sick:
thanx for the link!
acouple comments-
-awsome weaponry!
-copying lightsabers completely
-im starting to like nintendos obsession with artsy styles (windawaker, wario ware)
-i wanna know how the gameplay will look like!:rolleyes: