hey everybody


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Apr 18, 2009
hey all i just joined the forum. also yesterday i got a wii and im pretty damn happy with it lol i sold my 360 to get a wii,RE4,LOZ twilight princess,and a memory card thing for the wii. ive been playin LOZTP and its pretty sweet i think it was well worth it =]. ill exchange wii numbers or whatever they are called when i get my wii hooked up to the internet i need to buy the wii lan adaptor thing so i can use my ethernet cord cus i dont have a ton of money to spend any more lol.
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Sold your 360 for a Wii.

My my, how different we are. Welcome to WiiChat
lol i had my 360 since launch and it got boring after awhile i dont like just sitting there thats why i like the wii you actually have to move around alittle lol and the only game i played online anymore was CoD WaW which is for the wii also so ill be good :p