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Aug 5, 2006
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this forum looks heaps cool compared to the others, so ive decided to do my first sign up here.:)

a little info about myself, i live in australia (a great place, but too isolated from nintendo) and ive played games ever since i first put my stubby little hands on the Snes when i was younger. ive always perfered nintendo out of all the consoles of all generations because of its innotive gameplay.
(i have owned all 3 consoles in the recent generation and the PS broke down soon after its warranty and the XBOX soon followed:rolleyes: but the gamecube is still living up its name, this is a fact)

anyways, i would love to hear some freindly comments from friendly faces soon!:)
Hi enjoy forums! If my ps2 broke down i would probably throw it out the window, shoot it, take out the bullets, shoot it again, and then eat it.
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unfortunately, thats not what i did
so instead i sold it for 20 bucks and bought a hammer with it so i could curse myself for daring myself to waste money on sony's products.
I only bought the playstation2 because kigndom hearts was interesting, but i couldnt finish the second version because the PS2 broke down at that time.
(the PS1 sucked too, but i bought it for tomb raider)
welcome to wiichat. my xbox broke down too right after the warrenty expired. then i got fixed, but it broked down again right after that warrenty expired. maybe the xbox has a mini time bomb that explodes when it knows the warrenty is useless...*ponders*

whoa, got way off track. so, yeah, welcome to the forum. enjoy your stay:D
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thats not all, i bought an xbox because halo looked interesting.
and i managed to finish the second version of hale before the xbox broke down, whew!
Well, that's too bad because the end of Halo 2 was a bit of a downer, don't you agree.

Yeah, my first Xbox was good until it just stoped playing games. I would turn it on and the Dashboard would come up, but when I put a game in, it would just sit there and the game would never launch. So, I bought a new one and then returned the old one in the new box; got the idea from my cousin who had one of the first gen Xbox's and had to do the same thing.:lol:

Sorry, but I felt like adding my own Xbox-problem story.

Great to have you on and yeah, this forum is better than the rest.:D
Ah yeah, PS2 friends controll brok down and it wasnt one controll... they where the 2 controlls!
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thanks guys for the warm welcomes:)

i will learn from the mistakes!
welcome. i am going 2 tell my friends your storys. he is lucky, his ps2 and xbox is working ok. i have a gamecube and it is working fine (although im going 2 giv it 2 that same friend once i beat super mario sunshine). anyway, welcome!
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