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Jul 22, 2009
Hey dudes and dudettes. I'm supposably called Evo. Peopel say I'm weird. Well yeah I am. Haha. anyways. Haha, no business. Some taco beat up some guy. XD Anyways. Well hello again. And hi also.
I understood the hidden code in your message.

Welcome to Wiichat. Always think outside of the box.
Yo. Welcome. Don't touch the green tape. It's sticky. The yellow tape always sends me to another dimension, it's weird because when I'm there the rainbow Taco wants to make out, but when I touch the red tape it kicks me in the gut.

Welcome to the WiiChats.
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Haha, thanks for the welcoming guys. I'm like in love with Nintendo, haha. Ever since I was a little girl. XD And uhh.. Hey dude that taco thing, uhh. Maybe he's lonley. Haha.
Then why must it kick me!!! :'(

You are welcome for the welcome, but not welcome for more welcome because welcome can only be done once despite my previous welcome!!

Welcomes can be done twice, if you break the system. If you don't do it right, however, you will be assassinated.

We should stop spamming, before they get us.
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Aww, poor Alex. Then tell the Taco he's a meaner face!

It's not really spamming, because when you're spamming, your posting a hell of a lot. That doesn't make a conversation spamming.

If you did then they would have known, but what they didn't know is that you didin't when you couldn't have because if you would you'd know when you wouldn't have known how not to so then it kinda sorda maybe nto means you didn't.
Get it? ///-^
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But this is an off-topic forum. SO that means it's not much of spamming Silly head. :p ///-^
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Oo, my first double post. So scary.
Sorry. I'm kinda srcastic.... Heh. ////_^"

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